“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man”    (Or boy or woman or girl)                                Winston Churchhill


Gayle runs a lesson program for riders of all ages and abilities- beginner to advanced

At Three Generations we believe in developing a whole horseperson, not just a rider. All aspects of horsemanship are included as part of instruction. Students gain many valuable skills along the way. Some of these include respect, self-confidence, assertiveness, self-control, organization, focus and empathy. A wealth of learning opportunities present themselves in the equine environment. Have questions? Call or email!


  • Introductory Lesson/Evaluation— 90 minutes $120 – required to enter program.
  • Regular Lesson –   45 – 60 minutes – $75.
  • 1/2 Lesson – 30 minutes – $55
  • Semiprivate – 60 minutes – $75
  • Offsite Lesson – $85
  • Free ride (current students) 45-60 minutes  $55


Horse/Pony Encounter– Do you or your child love horses but don`t know where to start? This is the perfect session for you! Meet on of our horses or ponies in the barn. Groom, ask questions and get comfortable in the barn environment. Come once or schedule regular visits.                                          30 minutes  $50  Limit 2 people

Horse/Pony Immersion- If you want to immerse yourself or your child in the equine experience but aren’t ready to or don’t want to ride, this is the session for you! A private instructional session to learn all the particulars of horses and horsemanship.  There is a plethora of skills and information to acquire in the barn environment. Schedule weekly or monthly.                                                                                                                                                                 45-60 minutes  $65



Three Generations routinely attends Hunter shows at many local venues and has been for years. They include schooling, local and regional shows. Please contact us for our current show schedule and training rates.

All participants must have a signed liability waiver on file, and other forms in certain circumstances. Proper attire is required.                                        We’d love to hear from you and answer whatever questions you may have about the program.                                                                                             Email: lightseeker123@yahoo.com                    Phone 301-641-2228

Board- Limited stalls available for current students

Full stall board – $650 – Month

Audra and Ladyfaire  Gayle and the University of Maryland Equestrian Team.  Gayle's grandson, Sam, at Loch Moy Farm.   One of our students, Izzy, and Casper.   Whatever your discipline!